Ok inter-webz! Here it is, my blog! To help anyone who happens to care enough to check this out in this first post I’ll clarify a few things and lay down some of the rules and whatnot!

Intro: First things first, this is who I am, cause how can any of this be relevant if you don’t know who I am right? My name is Thomas Buffo, I am a very creative person, I graduated from Champlain College with a B.F.A. in Graphic Design and Digital Media but that in no way limits to scope of my creative ability. I love pushing myself to discover creative solutions and creating and immersing myself in fantasy or sci-fi environments. I love working with my hands but I also love the magical, almost super natural power, computers and technology can provide. With that philosophy I often find myself caught on the border between mediums or entire fields, some days I’m drawn to animation and 3D design and other days I’m smattering paint onto an improvised canvas. I truly believe the creative potential within each individual is both more unique and more powerful than we could ever expect. I feel it is my long term purpose in life to help other understand and explore their own creative potential and while on that journey discover more about myself.

Tech Specs: Human, Male, Caucasian, 22 years old, Bachelors of Fine Arts in Graphic Design and Digital Media, Avid Artist and Creative in variety of fields, Passionate about Nature, Natural Systems, Sustainability, and Permaculture, Making legitimate efforts to improve physical health (Regular exercise, Ayurvedic eating practices, Reduced bad habits).

Why?: Why? Why make this blog? Why do anything? Seriously If your looking for me to give you some straight forward reason as to why this blog is here I going to struggle, because I feel the need to express my creativity in more structured setting and I believe this is a good way for me to achieve the structure, that is the most clear answer I can give as to the purpose behind the blog.

Rules: Ok so here I’ll break down how I’m going to do this and how you can help if you feel you want to!

For me:

  1. At least one blog post per day! This one is super important for me because thats where I’ll build up the structure that should help me get into a better creative swing.
  2. Post Reflections, I think it’s also very important for me to look deeper at my work and even if I didn’t mean to imprint meaning into a piece it’s very important to understand meaning that others may derive.
  3. Original Content, I’m not going to shackle myself to this one because there is a lot that inspires me that I would love to share and there is past work I would like to highlight, WHAT I will hold myself to is to posting more original, newly created, content than older stuff, I think thats fair.
  4. Exploration, I want to see if I can push some of my creative boundaries, maybe I’ll play with music! maybe I’ll dive back into film, maybe I’ll get my hands dirty with some ceramics! The thing with this one is that by the point I’m deep into this I feel confident in a variety of mediums again!

For you:

  1. Keep checking things out, I’m going to be daily with this, even if its just one quick post, but feel free to check in every couple of days and give my recent stuff a view, I’m no hound for likes or follows or shares or whatevers, I just want to share my creative vision with the world!
  2. Constructive Critique! Absolutely feel free to critique any thing you see, I’m going to do my best to check and reply to comments and messages, but please do try to be constructive in your criticism, it’s the difference between “I don’t like it!” and “I think this could be different” and the difference between me crying and me growing into a better designer.
  3. Inspire! If you have an idea of something you’d like me to try that is easily one of the best ways for me to get inspired, lay it on me, throw it at me, there is no bad idea, worst comes to worst I might not have time, more likely I’ll jump all over it, do it amazing and we will both be super happy so seriously hit me with it!

This is also my About Page so you can check this out there anytime!


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