White Bedroom Walls: A Historical Account

Everyone has been really patient with me and I super appreciate that! I know I put down that I would do daily posts but as I work on this more and more I’m finding that the very minimum of a weekly post and the maximum of one post daily works way better into my schedule, just so you all know thats what I’m holding myself too now!

What to say about these? I know I said I’d pull out a lot of my older stuff for history’s sake. It’s funny, as I was pulling each piece out I remembered that almost every one, at some point or other, adorned the creepy white walls of each of my past apartments. What is it about sketchy college apartments that almost begs for these faded, yellowish, white wash paint jobs. The kind that get spattered all over what could be beautiful hardwood floors and is put on with such volume is often fills in the minor holes and scuffs left behind. I can distinctly remember each apartment I have (and probably will) live in has been painted in this manor. If you leave your room undecorated you wake each day seriously questioning if you were admitted to a mental hospital, so what you tend to find is each person makes their own style to cover up the creepy white walls and make their space more inviting. Tapestries, posters, lights, clothing, flags, art, all of this and more I have seen creatively utilized to personalize these blank spaces. When I was faced with this challenge it turned into a multiple year project where in which you would find the classic tapestries and string lights, posters and art, however, I had such a volume of these items (especially the odd ball doodles or small pieces featured above) that it got to a point where one could scarcely see the originally wall beneath my art. I like to think of it as my first version of a gallery, it was totally self centered but the truly unique thing about it was not everything was art but everything had a story. You could walk through the room, touch your hands to a number of different papers, trinkets, and pictures, and I could tell you a story about each.

Who decides what it is we consider art? When I lived in that apartment and woke each day in that space I almost felt as if I was a living piece of art, just part of a bigger whole that one could only get a glimpse of by knowing me. I drew power from those walls, they made me feel safe and excited at the same time. Art, beauty, creativity… it’s all so relative, the beauty of that room was never lost on me, but to some random on lookers, heck it could’ve looked like a mess! It was there I really developed my creative vision, that anyone, anywhere should be free and able to create, and that if one opens themselves to it, they can see how authentic creativity is one of the most powerful ways to interact and communicate with our world!


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